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So how do you write a wicked resume without the suck? How do you turn the wrong words into right? To help you land the job interview, here’s how to spin the 6 sucky resume words into skills that sizzle.

A pun (also known as a pune, or a play on words) is a form of word play where a word with more than one meaning is exploited to make a joke based on this …

The “The Reason You Suck” Speech trope as used in popular culture. One character delivers a speech to another character on all the reasons why that other …

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Snakebite (Snake Bite) Poisoning. The venom from a snakebite is poisonous. Poison is a toxin that kills or injures the body’s tissues and organs through its chemical actions.

Caught in the act, this rabbi sucks the blood from a freshly circumcised baby penis. Other jews look on intently, only wishing they could be the one to do the deed.

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Received February 2004. I have a Volkswagon golf 2001 model and you guys are right Volkswagon does suck! I have had nothing but problems with this car and because the light isn’t coming on as soon as they get in the car and start it up they wouldn’t fix it.

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In the context of United States constitutional interpretation, originalism is a way to interpret the Constitution’s meaning as stable from the time of enactment, which can be changed only by the steps set out in Article Five.

The hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria), also known as a quahog (or quahaug), round clam, or hard-shell (or hard-shelled) clam, is an edible marine bivalve mollusc that is native to the eastern shores of North America and Central America, from Prince Edward Island to the Yucatán Peninsula.

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