Paul Walker, the star of the Fast and Furious film franchise, died after the car he was in crashed at a speed of more than 100mph and burst into flames, according to the coroner’s report released on Friday.

Died In A Sex Accident 26

Died In A Sex Accident 26

Sad news… Chi Chi LaRue just broke the news that former gay porn star Billy Herrington passed away yesterday from a car accident.. I’m Sad to say, Billy unfortunately died as a result of a terrible terrible car accident.

Three people — an 11-year-old man and his parents — died after they fell into boiling mud in a volcanic crater in Pozzuoli, an Italian city not far from Naples.

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A 15-year-old man who died in a tragic gym accident saved the lives of seven people after his organs were donated. Ben Shaw was killed in Brisbane, Australia, on Wednesday

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More than 200 people have signed a book of condolence which will be given to the family of the American couple who died in a pony and trap accident earlier this week while on a sightseeing tour of the Gap of Dunloe in Kerry.

John Hurt and French model Marie-Lise Volpeliere-Pierrot had been together for 16 years when her bolted and she fell as they were out riding together in …

Jackson Yates (pictured), 17 months, ‘toddled’ away from his mother Cheryl (pictured) as she was locking their car up at the Ibis Hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester on …

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Died In A Sex Accident 74

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Actor David Carradine was found dead in the closet of a Bangkok hotel room Thursday with a cord wrapped around his neck and genitals, leading Thai police to suspect his death was not a suicide but an accident resulting from dangerous sex practices.

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A 60-year-old Hoskins man was killed early Monday morning as the result of a workplace accident at the Vulcraft Nebraska joist and decking plant in Norfolk.

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Celebrities. Holbrook Blinn (1872–1928), Broadway stage star and silent screen actor, died from injuries in an accident on the grounds of his estate.; Maureen Connolly (1934–1969), tennis star, career ended in 1954 by injuries suffered in a collision between her and a truck.