Did you know the average Californian uses 196 gallons of water per day? More significantly, we use up to 70% of that water outdoors by …

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 1 Green Jobs: Water Conservation Seteer Careers in Water Conservation James Hamilton James Hamilton is an economist in the Office of

A new water withdrawal law became effective in August 2011 and regulations were issued in April 2013. The former law required water withdrawal permits only for public water suppliers. As noted elsewhere, permits are now required for any potable and non-potable water withdrawal system having the

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Managing fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people.

Water Resources Panel note – Rules #29, #30 and #31 were originally adopted by the Vermont Water Resources Panel of the Natural Resources Board.

CONSERVATION AS A WAY OF LIFE. In the past, we southern Californians managed periodic water shortages by temporarily cutting back on our water consumption.

Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection Division Main Building – 2nd Floor One National Life Drive

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Laws and Regulations Relevant to Current Public Proceedings. California Water Code The official Water Code on the California Legislative Counsel Website

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Water Managing Our Lakes, Rivers and Coasts. New York’s abundant rivers, streams, lakes and coastal waters are used for recreation, fishing, …

Lowering our water use ensures clean water for future generations, reduces the electricity required for water and wastewater services, and decreases the need and expense for water infrastructure.

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