It is possible for you to get laid without feeling freaked out. The answer—how you go home with someone without panicking—is so obvious, SCARED, that I’m guessing your therapist has already suggested it: Have sex with someone you know and trust. You didn’t have any issues having sex with your ex

The death from cancer of Angelina Jolie’s beloved mother aged just 56 robbed her of the chance of being a grandmother which ‘she was born to be’, according to the star. Jolie also credits her mother Marcheline Bertrand – a fierce campaigner for cancer awareness – for having an ‘elegance and strength

May 14, 2013 · MY MOTHER fought cancer for almost a decade and died at 56. She held out long enough to meet the first of her grandren and to hold them in her arms. But my other ren will never have the chance to know her and experience how loving and gracious she was. We often speak of “Mommy’s mommy

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She stopped having sex with him after he bashed International Women’s Day on social media.

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A supercouple or super couple (also known as a power couple) is a popular or wealthy pairing that intrigues and fascinates the public in an intense or obsessive fashion.The term originated in the United States, and was coined in the early 1980s when intense public interest in fictional soap opera couple Luke Spencer and Laura Webber, from

She has faced some criticism in recent weeks over her dull taste in red carpet attire during the promotional tour for her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey, choosing matronly gowns and drab colour tones over her previously sexed-up image. But Angelina Jolie enjoyed a return to her old cheeky

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